The AEolia Project

The Æolia Project is an initiative by actress and flutist Aurélie Morgane (a.k.a Æolia). Inspired by theater studies and classical music, Æolia colors the artistic landscape with her unique creative touch, producing concerts where video mapping and scenography play a major role.

She is surrounded by established artists such as sound designers Astral Waves (Altar Records), Pablo Bonacina, Über and VJ Rovastar. Her musical shows harmoniously blend visual and audio, as she becomes a living work of art, a whirlwind of sound, color and movement.

AEolia, the character
From the ancient greek 'Aiolos' (Aeolus, master and steward of winds),
Æolia is the goddess of the wind.
Her avatar is a bird-woman, who is seen deploying her sumptuous peacock tail or spreading her eagle wings.
Her melodious chant comes from her silver flute.
Æolia soars above the world and breathes into her musical flights exotic rythms and sounds.